Official opening of Joe Dixon’s photography exhibition – My home, your home

07 Jun Fri 20.00
07 Jun Fri 21.00
Gorey Library
Gorey corporation lands
Co. Wexford

Opening of photography exhibition “My home, Your home”. My passion is the constant attempt to capture the beauty of my home town, its surroundings, and the local community. Landscape photography is for me sharing the beauty that surrounds us. I care that the photographs not only reflect the real picture but also the emotions that these landscapes awaken in my heart. I would like to create works of art showing the beauty of Gorey and the surrounding area and the stunning coast of North Wexford. This exhibition presents photographs taken to show the beauty of North Wexford region and images taken during the cultural exchange trip to The Puck Commune and the north of Kashubia in Poland, last year.

“My home, your home – my home is the people who create my community, it’s mine and your home.” Joseph Dixon Free event.

Free event. - Polish Cultural Association

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